Website content needs to be current to be effective. Content that stays fresh keeps your visitors coming back and lets them know that you care about your business.

Our website maintenance plans are timely and affordable. We offer hourly, monthly and quarterly rates to suit your budget. Same day changes are a common need and can be done with the utmost speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance can include a variety of options. Here are just a few listed below. We can also customize a plan for your individual needs.

Content changes, text changes
Product changes, additions
Pricing changes
Updates to your calendar
Promotions and sales

Fixing broken links, addition of links
Menu changes
Address and e-mail changes
Changing pictures
Meta tags and search engine optimization

Currently our maintenance fees are $60 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum. We also have money saving monthly  maintenance plans for our clients who will need to make regular changes. New customers will also be charged a $125 setup fee.

Because there are so many different ways to design a website the setup fee is for us to examine your current website design for outdated themes, plugins, security issues and general design and editing accessibility.

Give us a call (603) 662 7811 for details on budgeted plans.

You will need to provide us with your website hosting account login or Cpanel login. If you do not have this info, your current webmaster should have it.

If this information is not available, we can help you navigate through the process of retrieving it.

Depending on the amount of changes to be made on your website, 24 hours is usually the maximum time it will take. Most changes are done within hours.

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